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"It has been a privilege to take beginning biodynamic craniosacral and advanced embryology courses with Beth Cachat. Her anatomy knowledge, wisdom, years of practice, learning and teaching in this field is very evident. Beth's patience and keen ability to assess each student with clinical applications as they relate to human physiology (embryo to adult) and the infinite complications that can arise, is truly phenomenal and profound. Our bodies hold a myriad of stories within their tissues. You have found in me a lifetime student willing to learn to read these stories."
- MM

"Beth's 7 month training was transformational. The class was well thought out and professionally presented.  The skills I gained have elevated my practice beyond my expectations. Most importantly, Beth created a safe and and well grounded container to experience the work myself. Since my initial training, I have taken every one of her advanced classes and I have never been disappointed."

- Kim Curry  CCST, LMP


"The Biodynamic craniosacral certification class taught by Beth Cachat offered me the opportunity to expand my understanding of the integrative systems of the body. Beth Cachat is a brilliant and innovative teacher who incorporates excellent instruction in touch which informs you not only the immediate area but the body as a whole. Her use of visual aids and anatomic skeletons and skulls enhances the students' learning and provides the level of training one might expect of a doctoral program. In addition to class time instruction, Beth offers and expansive reading list related to the topics she teaches. I believe the training that Beth offered expanded my knowledge and touch therapy enhancing my abilities to treat my patients especially those with head injuries, complex multiple injuries, TMJ misalignment to name a few. I have 30 years of experience as a Massage Practitioner, and I most highly recommend this class to advanced Massage Practitioners, Physical Therapists, and Osteopathic Physicians."