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Craniosacral for Babies and Children: (3 days)

2 days of lecture and student practice on common birth strains and their effects and intraosseous considerations for children. Day 3, session working with infants under 1 year and debriefing, and session working with children 3-12 and debriefing.

Treating Birth Strains in Adults: (3 days)
This class covers common birth patterns, physical indications of birth strain, and ossification rates. There is a focus on intraosseus listening which is applicable to many chronic problems in clients whether or not birth strains are an issue.

Embryology I: (4 days) Unfoldment of the Midline.
Embryology II: (4 days) Organ Relationships: Feb. 1-3, 2014 Embryology I required prerequistite.

Embryology III: (3 days) Additional Relationships: Mar. 22-24, 2014
Embryology I & II required prerequistite.

All Embryology classes include lecture on embryological development, Carnegie stages, Blechschmidt fields and practical applications in clinical practice.

The use of craniosacral approaches to embryology has many applications
beyond the early development itself, including car accidents, chronic structural restrictions and gait issues. Bring your difficult of challenging cases for discussion. Classes include lectures on development, guided visualizations and tablework.

Working with brain injuries addresses some additional techniques specific to supporting the healing of the Central Nervous System..

Craniosacral and Sacred Geometry: Natural Forms and Resonance in the Human Form. (3 days)
. Lecture explores principles of sacred geometry in architecture, living forms, and tones. Table works applies those principles to the creation of midline and effective structure in clients.

Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral: (2 days)
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful whole body approach to health and human experience. This experiential two day course introduces a rich and diverse approach to craniosacral. Participants are acquainted with the three main tides, palpation and perceptual skills utilized in practice, and fundamental techniques of working with fulcrums and still points.

Instructor: Beth Cachat, CCST, LMP, MA

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“Original Matrix, Craniosacral Approaches to Embryology”
by Beth Cachat
$35 + $2.50 S & H.